Your first website doesn’t have to be hard to make or expensive.

It’s easy to get sold on an expensive website from an agency. The thoughts are: 

1. Perfect! I’ll pay these marketers to handle my website and then I can check it off the list. 

2. Wow their website is beautiful, I want mine to look like that so I have to work with them. 

3. I know nothing about websites so let’s leave this to the professionals. 

All of these thoughts are totally valid, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with outsourcing your website. But what if I told you you could create your new website in about a week, feel confident in editing it, and then hire someone (if you still want to) for a fraction of the cost to make changes along the way?

I like that option!

But Jess, I don’t know how to make a website and there are too many content management sites out there and I even feel stunted by that decision.

Pros and cons of outsourcing your website.

Pros of using an agency

  • Depending on the size of the agency and how long they’ve been in business, they have experience getting results for clients.
  • They’ll figure things out for you and listen to what you want your website to look like.
  • They can set you up with a long-term maintenance plan since ideally you want your website to be around for a while.

Cons of using an agency

  • The agency has an abundance of clients that they have to pay attention to.
  • You’ll be dependent on the agency to make timely changes to content. Ideally, you want to post a blog at least once a month.
  • Agencies tend to charge a significant amount of money – for the upfront website investment and for future edits and changes.
  • Agencies shift quickly and frequently, which could leave you in a situation if they’re hosting your website and then ghost you.

Pros and cons of creating your own website with a content management platform.

Pros of creating your own website

  • You’re in control of the content! 
  • You call all the shots. 
  • You pay for only what you need.
  • You can grow into your website by adding additional features down the line.
  • You know what you’re looking for if you ever decide to work with an agency.
  • Your first website should be simple and straightforward anyway – so spending thousands of dollars for something you could have made yourself is not necessary.

Cons of creating your own website

  • You make edits and updates.
  • You take the time to create the website initially.
  • You might get confused in the process of creating – lucky for you I’m here to help you get started!

“Please don’t make me make this decision. It feels overwhelming.”

I hear you loud and clear.

Ultimately, this is your decision. No two businesses are created equal. So agencies have value, too! But if this is your first website, save some money and DIY.

If you want to compare common content management platforms, subscribe to download my cheatsheet. Get as much info as possible before making a decision.

If you decide an agency is right for you, shop around and ask a few people for a referral so that you feel confident with who you’re working with and the website they’re creating for you!

Doing your website yourself? Keep an eye out for my Week to Website course coming out in 2021. I can be your guide and give you my tips and tools for much less than an agency will charge. Here’s a post with a high-level overview of getting started, but if you want a step by step process, join my waiting list for the course below and you’ll be the first to hear about it when it’s available!

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[convertkit form=1758181]

You’ve got this! In the meantime, read “How to Create a Minimal Website in 7 Steps.”

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