Business books can be the best or the worst.

Nobody likes reading a business book from someone who acts like they got a small loan of $1 million dollars and made their way all on their loan. Not real relatable…

The best business books come from the people we can relate to. They also address the people involved in a business instead of just the money. They check their ego at the door. 

Here are a few business books that really helped me.

3 of the Best Business Books

1. Radical Candor

This book is a must-read. It’s not just for managers. It’s for leaders. All of us are leaders, whether we’re the lowest in the hierarchy or the CEO. This book dives into communication and how to communicate effectively in the professional world.

Key takeaway for me: The best leaders are constantly learning, growing, and evolving. Leaders give their co-workers and employees autonomy, yet back them up in all situations.

2. Free to Focus

This book is about achieving more by doing less. Our society is very focused on overworking. The busy people are praised while the people who have boundaries and a life outside of work are treated like they “aren’t doing enough.” This book talks about productivity and how to shift your working style to do less and create more.

Key takeaway for me: Streamlining is the best way to create a business that won’t make you go crazy or get burnt out. 

3. The One Thing

Not going to lie – this book was kind of dry. But the concept behind it was so important. Focusing on ONE THING and moving that thing forward. Instead of continuing to glorify multi-taskers, it talks about how working on one thing at a time and keeping your focus on the tasks around that one thing can propel your success.

Key takeaway for me: You don’t have to do all of the things. You have to pick one thing and focus on that for long enough to see the momentum or shift gears.

*Bonus* You are a Badass at Making Money

This book was on my self-help list, but I believe it belongs on here as well. Making money and business go hand-in-hand. Jen Sincero talks about how our limiting beliefs around money can make or break our success.

Key takeaway for me: You have to address the thoughts you have around money and recognize them as thoughts rather than truths before you can move forward and make the money you want to.

Looking for more recommendations?

Here are the podcasts I love.

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