Here we are; Friday, November 11, 2o16. After months and months of fighting, persuading, being passive-aggressive on Facebook, here we are. Donald Trump has been elected president, a surprise to both parties.

Through the madness, we’ve been hearing how divided America is. What seems to be a modern-day civil war has Americans questioning who they like and who they don’t like based on the vote that was put forward.

The message of division is still being broadcasted, but instead of blaming our fellow Americans, we should understand that the system created two candidates, that most people, with good reason, challenged. The reason for our separation isn’t solely based on where we live or what we believe. The main reason we can’t look the “other side” in the face is because the candidates preached issues that they knew would rile up the other side.

We’ve been told, ever since high school, this is what Republicans stand for and this is what Democrats stand for. Based on how you view these issues, pick a party.

THAT’S CRAZY. That forces someone who has never experienced an unexpected pregnancy to pose a stance on abortion. That forces someone who has never lost their job or felt the rough and tough economy firsthand to form a stance on how they want the economy to be managed. That forces someone who has always had health insurance to question why there is universal healthcare. That forces a white man to form a stance on racial injustice without the insight to understand it. And on and on and on.

Why are political platforms fighting the same fights every four years? Why has it become a marketing campaign that creates two fictional candidates to appeal to Americans?

The extremes are the issue. The all-or-nothing mindset we were set up for. The FEAR that we only want the good change and not the heartache and waiting that accompanies it. We all have our biases based on individual experience. That’s what freedom’s about.

These next four years will be tough. So instead of playing the “I Told You So” game, let’s show the system that created the division who’s boss. Show each other love, compassion and understanding because regardless of who’s president, we have to stick together. Be an advocate for issues you’ve personally experienced and with each of us passionate for issues we understand, we will thrive as a nation.

My ultimate hope for America is that we will have a hard time choosing who to vote for, not because the candidates are controversial and extreme, but because the candidates are eloquent and determined and understanding of all people.

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