Excited is an emotion that I want to spend more time with. The mundane day to day can really take away from the good vibes and bring you into the dread of a weekday.

The easiest way to access excitement is to remember a time when you were looking forward to something as a kid. I would get really excited to go to Ocean City, Maryland with my mom and sister! And to be honest, I still do get excited for trips. I’m counting down the days to my next trip in April. As an adult though, the exciting feeling also couples with “Did I save enough money for this? Do I have enough time off?” So how do we turn down the volume on those thoughts and tune into the joy more freely?

Part of it is getting out of the daily grind, the “let’s get through the day” rut. And that’s way easier said than done. We can lose excitement when we go into auto-pilot or survival mode. And then to get back to the joy that accompanies excitement feels next to impossible.

But what would happen if we took the time to cultivate it? Took the time to focus on it instead of getting caught up in the planning and details and to dos of life?

If you feel up to it, make a list of five things you could get excited for. It’s okay if one of them is “sleep.”

Once you feel like you’ve gotten close to accessing excitement, sit with it. Feel the sensation in your body. Does it feel activating, like you wanna jump around listening to music? Does it feel calming? Like “thank ya universe for giving me an emotion other than anxiety.”

Give yourself space to feel it and know that for everyone it’s different. And if it feels like an emotion you want to access more often, take five minutes in the morning or whenever you can sit with yourself, to say “I choose to access excitement.”

If it helps you to doodle, journal, make a playlist, etc. instead of just sitting there feeling a sensation, feel free! This is your life and you deserve to cultivate these emotions in whatever way you feel called to!

I’m proud of you for even wanting to pay more attention to your emotions and set that intention. Because feelings can be incredibly challenging at times. You’re worth taking the time to feel whatever is coming up though. And I love that you’re taking the time to try to find the good emotions when you feel you can. 

Let’s keep giving the most to ourselves by going through the feelings wheel. I know it sounds lame, or maybe to you it doesn’t (you pure ray of light), but the more we can access the full range of emotion, the less time we have to be stuck in “anxiety” or “depression” or the other buckets. 

Please note: I am not here to dismiss any mental health battles you are going through. I am simply here to challenge us (me included) to name more emotions specifically to be more in tune with ourselves and live life more fully. 

Much love, 





Grief can hit you in moments when you’re unprepared. Know that you’re not alone. You have support whether you know it or not.



Inspiration is so important for growth and breaking through barriers that are keeping you in situations that feel less than desirable.

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