MANTRA: The universe is guiding me even if I can’t see it.

“Rejection is protection.” Well honey, I’m the most protected I’ve ever been then. Rejection has been with me in my career and in my relationships for the past couple of years.

Don’t get me wrong – things are going well in life, but this sense of stuck has been lurking.

I’ve applied for countless jobs and gone on many interviews. Time and time again, it’s a no. Every time, I can’t help but think, “What’s wrong with me?” and then it shifts to, “Well I guess I’m just being protected.”

The good news is that I KNOW the universe has a plan for my life. I have unwavering faith that I’m being guided, but in the interim, it’s felt a little frustrating at times.

The frustration comes in when I want to control the situation. I want to know every detail about where I’m headed and try to make decisions based on that path. But part of the spiritual path of healing is surrendering over and over again.

If I’m really honest, marketing hasn’t felt as fun for me lately. That’s my main skillset so I continue to go for jobs in that realm, but I keep wondering if that’s why the rejection comes in. Maybe I’m supposed to make a shift, but to what?

I keep feeling myself being guided to books about healing, meditating, presence. And these things often don’t jive with marketing.

Being present and marketing aren’t very aligned, but maybe that’s what the universe is trying to say. Time to move in a new direction, lady.

Frustration is uncomfortable for me to feel. I push it away.

“Life is good – I shouldn’t feel frustrated!” But when we don’t allow the feelings to come through, they just hang out on simmer and eventually build.

Frustration can sometimes feel like resistance in the body. It feels like something is clawing or gripping or holding.

It makes you breathe heavier, feel the need to sigh a lot and want to throw up your hands like a sim who’s trying to get you to feed them.

Frustration is here to show us patterns. It’s here to give us some knowledge about what is challenging and what can be reevaluated.

What has you feeling frustrated and what can it show you about life now and where you’re headed? <3

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