This life is a life I won’t ever forget. 

What if life was set for us from the beginning? You’ve heard people say, “If you knew everything that was going to happen to you and when, you’d be bored!”

And you probably think, yeah, yeah, but I’d rather be bored than stressed and unsure!

I used to think that too. Until I realized, I wouldn’t be bored if I knew when things were going to happen to me. I’d be overwhelmed! I’d be just as stressed as I am now about different things.

It’d be hard to enjoy every moment. It’d be hard to recover and breathe and stay present.

How would I feel all of my emotions in the here and now AND deal with what I knew was coming down the line?

The Sunday scaries – we think they are a thing because we don’t know what’s going to happen, but maybe the only thing worse than fearing the unknown is fearing the known!

It’s that feeling you get when you’re watching a movie that you’ve seen a million times. Every time you watch it you wish that part would be different. If only they ended up together. If only he didn’t die. If only, if only, if only…

If only would be your constant feeling if you know what was coming for you in advance.

We’d miss out on the sweet moments of serendipity because there would be no point in reflecting on the past. We’d be so busy anticipating the future moments that we’re afraid of to be in the here and now.

But wait a minute… sometimes I do that now. I get caught up in the future or past and ignore what’s currently happening in life. I get so anxious about that upcoming networking event that I forget to say hi to the person right in front of my face. I get so caught up in the thought of that upcoming vacation that I miss the moments of peace and quiet right here in my everyday experience.

Ask yourself – why am I so excited about that future thing? What do I think will be better?

I bet it’s a feeling you’re looking to feel. “I’ll feel so relaxed on vacation.”

Why is that? And how can we bring more of that into our lives the other 50-51 weeks of the year?

We’re all searching for “our purpose” and “our perfect life.” What if when you find it it isn’t actually perfect? It is full of negative experiences that are different versions of what you’re facing now. And the current positive experiences are amplified.

Recognize that your thoughts and your feelings are creating your reality. I have my life coach to thank for that one. Flip the script and look at things with the perspective of, “I’ll be feeling the same emotions – it will just be a different circumstance.”

Live your perfect life TODAY. Don’t wait until the dream job, person, moment comes your way because chances are you might miss it if you’re living for tomorrow.

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