Day one of The Feelings Wheel! I am currently sitting in a La Jolla Airbnb contemplating my life. Feeling sad to leave tomorrow, but POWERFUL in my inner knowing.

Powerful felt like the right word for the wheel today because there have been lots of signs and serendipities around me. Walking down the street to get a coffee, my sister, Lindsay, and I were seeing things that remind us of how aligned we feel every time we are in the San Diego area. A place that feels like home away from home. As we were feeling nostalgic about leaving, my mom talked to us about all these exciting things happening at home.

Since Linds and I got out here, we have been thinking, “How can we move here? We don’t want to leave.” We’ve always had this pipe dream of being snowbirds – flying from Buffalo to San Diego for the winters to work remote.

This trip the pull felt even stronger. When I’ve been here in the past, there seemed to be lots of barriers to being here. Now that remote work has become a little more of the norm, the possibility to be out here became a reality.

We saw a cute dog on the street all alone so I started to pet him. Turns out, he “works” for a real estate company in La Jolla. A woman emerged from the business and was so friendly and kind. Asking us where we were from and if we were enjoying our trip.

She asked if we’d want to move here. Immediately, I said yes. No doubts. No questions. Just a yes.

We talked to her about the areas we liked and I gave her my info. Univ-erse.

I haven’t felt the pull to the next thing in a while. I’ve been really focused on healing my trauma, learning boundaries and finding myself.

I had felt a lot of “What’s the point of creating my own business? What’s the point of the grind?” I finally see the point.

I was given lots of time to heal and learn things about myself. To continue to become the person I’m meant to be. And that person sees herself having a residence in Buffalo and a residence in San Diego.

I feel this long-term goal inspiring me to pursue this life. To continue to find joy and allow for the possibilities. To not push, but ALLOW myself to continue to create things in life that feel like what I’m meant for and who I want to be.

You have the POWER to create your reality. Even in moments where you feel alone, stuck or like you can’t make your own decisions.

I am feeling especially powerful today because I’m paying attention to what is lighting my soul up and allowing me to dream again.

After our journey to get coffee and walking along the ocean, I found myself on the phone with a friend. A really inspiring friend who is pursuing the life she’s always wanted. And she felt scared and overwhelmed. I found myself speaking powerfully to her. “YOU are in charge of this journey. There are no wrong decisions.”

Damn. Powerful for both her and I.

Don’t forget how much power you have. Don’t let people boss you around, dictate what your life looks like, etc. You are free to be you! You are free to be as big or as small as you want to be.

What lights your soul on fire? For me, I thought it would be a certain job. A certain person. A certain hobby.

Turns out it’s a place.

Be open to what lights your soul up and don’t tell yourself it isn’t possible. The road might be long, but you are capable of so much more than you think you.

Don’t give up or let others tell you you can’t.

What’s makes you feel powerful? <3

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