MANTRA: I tap into wonder more and more until I feel in awe of myself.

Brené Brown and I are on the same wavelength. I started reading her new book and behold: all about emotions! I’ve always felt inexplicably connected to Brené. Her work around shame has been super transformational and has allowed me to see how every person on the planet carries that emotion.

I recently started choosing emotions from the feelings wheel – to feel into my emotions and get to know what they feel like a little more. I knew that the more I could name my emotions, the better I could feel.

I started watching her HBO Special and she mentioned that she surveyed over 7,000 people to ask them what emotions they feel. Only three emotions seemed to continue to come up: sad, pissed off, and happy.

She then begins to explain how those emotions don’t cover the full spectrum. A friend of hers starts to talk about emotional granularity: the ability to put feelings into words with a high degree of specificity and precision.

My jaw drops to the floor.

These are my people! I feel a sense of wonder about this work. I am curious to learn how this can impact and improve ones life.

Next time you find yourself feeling sad, pissed off, or happy. Try to go a step further. Can you get a bit more precise?

Dr. Gloria Willcox, The Calm App Blog

Life is full of moments where you step back and say to yourself: wow, I’d love to dive into that more. Thanks to Google, we can!

This was one of those moments for me. Being on the same wavelength as someone I see as an amazing example of what women can be in this world.

What emotion is coming forward for you today? <3

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