I’m ready to say goodbye to some of the thoughts and fears in my head.

I didn’t know I had the ability to choose my thoughts until I started listening to these podcasts. I couldn’t wrap my brain around the idea that my thoughts were creating my life until I really dove into thought work and gained some insight on how other people live their life.

3 Podcasts that will Change Your Thoughts

1. Sex with Emily

Before your jaw drops to the floor, hear me out. Sex with Emily is a game-changer. This podcast will dismantle everything you think you know about your body, “normal” sex, and communication. If you remember sex education being the opposite of helpful, this podcast is for you.

Key takeaway for me: Taking the stigma out of sex can free you from feeling shame around your body and sexual experiences. 

2. The Life Coach School Podcast

There are episodes of this podcast that I’ve listened to seven+ times. Brooke is the master at changing your thoughts to change your life. Each episode has a tangible topic that is easy to digest. She challenges thoughts that hold a lot of us back.

Key takeaway for me: Your thoughts create your feelings which lead to your actions and then create your results. If you can hack into your brain and change some thoughts that aren’t serving you, your life will change.

3. Dear Gabby

This podcast began as an Instagram Live during quarantine and has become a podcast. In each episode you learn from people who ask questions about things they are struggling with. Gabby gives advice and spiritual guidance to help people change their lives through subtle shifts.

Key takeaway for me: You aren’t alone in the things you’re experiencing. Community and connection are important.

*Bonuses* A Cyster and her Mister: A PCOS Lifestyle Podcast and We Can Do Hard Things Podcast

This one is a bonus because it’s geared towards ladies who have struggled with hormones. This podcast allowed me to feel like I had some control and like I could reverse some hormone symptoms that were negatively impacting me.

Key takeaway for me: There are other alternatives to hormonal issues than birth control. You can create subtle lifestyle shifts that make you feel better and understand your body.

This one is a bonus because it’s geared towards ladies who have a lot of feelings and who are trying to be more open and honest with their lives and what they want from life.

Key takeaway for me: Abby, Glennon and Amanda have honest conversations that feel warm and make you feel seen. Glennon is the author of Untamed, one of the most freeing books in the world. 

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