Get off the content creation hamster wheel. Let’s talk about repurposing.

I bet if I asked you about your content strategy, your palms would get sweaty. But I know you have more content than you’d realize. Look at your camera roll on your phone, scroll to the bottom. What’s the number? Mine says 26,864.

When I used to take a photo on a digital camera or a phone, my grandma used to say, “Why bother? That’s where it’s going to stay.” She had a point. Even with a lot of digital media at our finger tips, we often take a photo, video or screenshot and that’s where it stays. In the camera roll. Let’s change that, shall we?

Formula = inventory of existing photos/videos + wishlist of photos/videos + #1 platform to post on + key messages = executing content strategy

1. Take an inventory

Save all of these files in one place. If you strictly use a phone to capture, create and edit, save them there. If you like to edit and post via desktop, consider using an external drive to save these files.

If you’re an entreprenuer, you might need help with this part. We often overlook great pieces of content because we don’t recognize the value. When we’re too close to something, we can write things off to be “common sense” or “not high enough quality.” Remeber that perfection is not the goal.

2. Identify the best platform to capitalize on

If you have endless videos, consider YouTube, TikTok and Instagram. If the videos are heavily focused on visuals and not dialogue, Pinterest is another good one!

Lots of photos? Instagram is great. Consider utilizing the reels feature and clumping photos together to a catchy song to boost views and reach.

It’s important to focus on the platform that you feel the most comfortable with. Even if TikTok is all the rage, if you don’t like to post on there, chances are you won’t share content. Look for the space with the least resistance and start there.

Another tip is to consider where your followers are. If you enjoy Instagram, but you have significantly more followers on Facebook, it doesn’t mean you can’t branch out. It just means to pay attention to your goal. If your goal is to reach new people, start creating reels on Instagram. If your goal is to sell to your existing audience, use your Facebook. Meet people where they’re at.

3. Sift through and find key messages

Now that you have your photos and videos all in one spot, take a look at what you have. If you feel you’re missing some key items, make a list of what you want to capture in the future.

If you feel confused on where to start, consider asking someone to sift through your inventory. Ask if something stood out to them. Sometimes it can be hard to look back and watch a video of oursleves without being hyper-critical. Someone who is more removed can tell you what quote stood out or what part of the presentation was powerful.

If you have a keen eye for your own content, but need some ideas, look for some inspiration on the platform you’re trying to reach others on. Watch out for the comparison game though. You are unique and your perspective and voice matters!

Consider identifying some themes in your messaging to make it less overwhelming.

The content can be engaging, goofy, TikTok dance-y! Just remember that there should be a call to action at the end of the post (in the text is fine!) Are you sharing because you want people to reach out and sign up for coaching? Good! Tell them how to get in touch. Are you educating someone on how your product or service can help them? Good! Don’t forget to include the link to shop or sign up.

Conversion comes from consistent messages that direct traffic to specific places. The more concise and engaging the content, the more someone will get curious about what you offer.

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