Hormones aren’t just a puberty, pregnancy or menopause thing.

Unless you’ve dealt with PMS problems or birth control woes, you might not really give a sh*t about hormones. Totally get it.

But if you’ve ever dealt with symptoms from your period, an irregular cycle, birth control issues or just feeling off in general, it can make you feel defeated, lost and alone.

I want to tell you that there is hope. I want to tell you that some of the best resources I’ve found weren’t at the gynocologist. 

Surprisingly, I’ve learned the most about my hormones from my chiropractor. 2+2 did not equal 4 on that front. 

I am still learning and healing and growing, but I want to share some of the things that changed the way I think of my hormones, my body and being someone with a uterus in general. 

4 Hormone Health Resources That You May Not Be Aware Of

1. Holistic Practicioners

I’ve struggled with an irregular cycle and unfortunately another cycle that became irregular called the annual appointment at the gyno. The main cycle I felt like I was experiencing was the cycle of going for my annual appointment, telling me everything looked normal, doing bloodwork when I said my period doesn’t come monthly, getting no answer as to why, telling me to go on birth control, rinse and repeat.

I felt like a broken record explaining my negative experiences with birth control and then getting a pamphlet with a girl pushing a camera on a swing, saying “this is my baby now.” I could probably cover a whole wall in my house with that pamphlet because of how many times I got it.

I hopped from gyno to gyno getting the same experience. And then started to realize that some other people in my life had more insight than the lady doctor.

Don’t get me wrong – I still go to my annual appointment because it’s important. Here’s the best gyno I’ve found thus far: Artemis Menstral Health and Gynecology. Planned Parenthood is also a great option.

I’ve found a ton of guidance from some more holistic professionals lately. Here are some that have really helped:

2. Books

The more I started to pay attention to holistic remedies and food’s role in hormone health, the more I started healing. Here are some books that have really helped me to learn more about how to improve hormonal health and understand my body. 

  • Fix Your Period
  • Beyond the Pill
  • Hangry

3. Instagram Accounts

I’ve surprisingly found a lot of EXTREMELY helpful people and resources on Instagram. Here are some of the people I follow. Please note that I don’t agree with everything that these influencers say, but I do find that they have some extremely helpful tips and information.

  • @SoFreshSoGreeeeen
  • @Just.Ingredients
  • @Drjolenebrighten
  • @Nicolemjardim
  • @PCOS.weightloss

4. Support Resources

Hormonal things can lead to a lot of emotional stress, too. Know that you are never alone and that there are always people to talk to.

The most important thing to remember is that you are not alone. You deserve support no matter how big or small your hormone struggles are! Be a firece advocate for what you need. Sending you love and healing.

Looking for more recommendations?

Here are the podcasts I love.

Here are books about trauma healing I love.

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